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How to Choose Fabrics for Your Next Patchwork Project

Choosing fabrics for a patchwork project can be overwhelming, especially with so many options available here at Kimz Sewing, our fabric store on the Sunshine Coast. Here are some tips to help you choose the best fabrics for your next patchwork project. Consider the pattern: The pattern you choose will play a big role in determining which fabrics you need. Look for patterns that specify the type of fabric required, such as cotton or flannel, and take note of any pattern repeat or directional prints that may affect fabric placement. Clothing Patterns by Sew To Grow Consider colour and contrast: Think about the overall colour scheme you want to achieve in your project. Consider using a colour wheel to choose complementary or contrasting colours that will make your project pop. You can also use neutrals, such as white or grey, to provide balance and contrast. Dresden Plate featuring Alison Glass fabric and using Susan Cleveland’s Prairie Pointer Consider the fabric weight: Different fabric

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