Monday, September 8, 2014

Wendy Williams Workshop

What a fun 2 days it was having Wendy Williams come into Kimz for a workshop on her Birdsville cushion and quilt.  It was such a delight to have her here and the ladies had a ball learning to applique with wool felt.  There were stacks of photos taken over the 2 days so I have just picked the nicest ones.  Enjoy!


Birds on a Wire quilt by Wendy.

Wendy's Birdsville Quilt.

Wendy's Baby Blooms Quilt 

Wendy's Indian Summer Cushion.

Birdsville Quilt



Wendy has decorated the tops of these Craft Cases with her wool felt creations

The ladies moved onto the tree.

Wendy discussed placement of the flowers.



Everyone's flowers put together.




Wendy then moved onto how to make the birds

Wendy demonstrating how to make the smaller flower gardens.

Wool felt......yummy!!!!

Pamela's background piece.

Sorry about all the photos but honestly, I couldn't leave any of these out.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x


  1. So beautiful! I just love all the colours and wonderful stitching.

    1. Thanks Jennifer I agree absolutely love the colours too . Wendy's work is always very colourful

  2. Thanks for sharing these pictures!! Beautiful!!!

  3. hermoso me inspiro mucho su arte...gracias necesitaba esto saludos desde chile

  4. Thank you guys for sharing these intructing and marvelous pics! I'll try to make some of these arts and send you pictures with my gratitude. I wish I'd live where you are and attend these artistics meetings! All my best.

  5. Nossa, que lindo trabalho!
    Amei... quero aprender.
    Vou tentar aqui no Brasil.
    Obrigada, fadinhas das mãos abençoadas.

  6. Beautiful, I have her book, lovely to see it come to life!

  7. Thanks for the comment Anna love all of her work hopefully have her back soon