Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fiona Jackson Workshop

Hello Sorry long time no post basically I still do not know what I am doing so here goes again.
On November 4th Fiona Jackson of Fiona Jackson Designs held a workshop at the Shop.  The Ladies had a good time and most of them got the project completed in the afternoon ready for Christmas presents or for themselves who knows???
The gorgeous Frangipani Luggage label

SoSome of the beautiful work that Fiona is doing with her Photo prints and Threadplay go to Fiona Jackson website to see what she exactly is up to .

Well This is one of the  Beautiful Bougainvillea that I have growing on my patio. I can only grow these because they thrive on neglect so I have three of them growing in baskets and blooming away hee hee


  1. looks like your really getting the hang of it, your a quick learner! haha (: your flowers are really pretty too, if only i could keep plants alive longer than 2 weeks ..

  2. This looked like a great workshop Kim, and what a fantastic opportunity to have her in the shop. I think I will keep an eye open for her next classes, I really like the look of her work.