Sunday, March 11, 2012

Cat or Dog Person..........

Are you a cat or dog person?  Well I am both (as the ladies that visit the shop know). I have a beautiful dog named Denham, he  has just turned 9 yo and is a Black Lab cross Kelpie full of energy and sooooo lovable. We have just taken him for a long walk on the beach and coffee on the way home.  Denham does not drink the coffee but loves just been with us. 
Denham enjoying his walk on the beach he is always happy.
Boots Helping me with my EQ7 Work?
Then there is "Boots" our Daughter's cat ( hee hee I laugh out loud) after a long time DH (Darling Husband) relented and DD got her way, to have a cat. DH "You can have a cat as long as you look after it, feed it and clean up after it oh and pay for its vet bills"   famous last words .  Having said that I love him (the cat and the DH)  he is a constant help whenever I am sewing or on the computer.  But you cannot take a cat for a long walk on the beach and Cats just don't greet you at the car the same way when you get home.
Till we blog again
Happy Stitchin

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