Friday, March 30, 2012

How to Bind those Quilts ??????

Well we had a great day at Kimz  when Pamela Jones taught some of her knowledge about using different types of binding.  This day included a few different types of binding and our class room was full.  (Lucky we have a really big classroom).  It was a free class and it gave the ladies a basic view of doing binding in  different ways. Here are some pictures for you to have a look at.
June with her very colourful stripe binding . June is a regular guest to Kimz Sewing, she attends Thursday patchwork and quilting with our very talented Cathy Hetzel 

A Really nice Ric Rack binding that finishes off your quilt with that little extra bling.......

Barbara concentrating on her binding technique.

Today we had the Widgee  "Perfect Patchwork" Ladies at the shop as well as some local ladies testing out our "Calico Day".  We put a piece of Calico into the quilting frame and let you have a play with the quilting machine and frame . We have a Janome 1600P machine on a frame and hire this out to ladies or gentleman whom might like to quilt there own tops. Once a month we have a Calico Day (or there abouts) which allows you the customer to come and have a play on it with out paying a fee.  Quilting on a frame is very different to quilting on your domestic machine but it is fun to learn and have a go!
Pamela showing off some of her quilting that she has done on the frame and on her domestic machine.
Pamela explaining the different quilting techniques you can do on the frame.
Margaret from the "Perfect Patchworkers" having  a quilt on the frame all with lots of onlookers.
Helen and Pamela watching intensely while another Widgee "Perfect Patchworker"  has a practice.

We hope to see these ladies again soon at Kimz Sewing and Patchwork Centre it was a joy having them and giving them morning tea too.

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  1. Hey I'm now a follower! I've missed a few thursdays :( and wont be there this week, you know the best solution to the space dilemma? Kick out the kids!!! Kieran has made an appearance and i have lost my sewing room temporarily, but its nice to have him here for a little while. Our dog was supposed to be his also, haha!