Saturday, June 9, 2012

Kimz at Mad Quilters Gathering

Well here we are back again I have been off line for awhile shifted house then without  the internet for a number of weeks..........very fustrating. (and then been slack)
In May Kimz Sewing went to the inaugural Mad Quilters Gathering at the RNA showgrounds in Brisbane.  It was a great show and it was fantastic to meet some new customers and to see some regular faces too.  Pamela worked very hard to get a lot of samples and patterns made for the show and it was really successful for us .  If you like any of the quilts in the photos ring us or go to the website to have a look at the kits and the patterns.


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  1. Your booth looked great Kim, I heard it was a good day/weekend for all involved. Is this going to be a yearly thing? Hope so, I may get organised next year and just might make it!! PS. Pam's quilts look great, that woman is a dynamo!