Monday, September 21, 2015

Mosaic Quilt

Our patchwork and quilting teacher Pamela Jones has some absolutely amazing ideas when it comes to quilts.  She is always coming up with something very creative for her students.  The Mosaic quilt was one of these ideas where ladies would come along once a month and work on a block.  Prior to class they were given a colour swatch of the next fabric so they could bring along with them scraps of fabric to share.  They learnt applique and quilt as you go.

Above are Pamela's Mosaic blocks

Our first class was a hit.  They all began with a red block.

Pamela's first block was random shapes

Above is our ladies first class efforts.

Pamela later changed her red block so that she could feature a shape in each as she went along and work around that shape.

We then moved on to green for the following month
Second class finished blocks
Next came the orange block
Third class finished blocks
Each month came a new colour until there were 12 blocks

Pamela's blocks, testing sashing fabric and layout

Pamela is holding her near completed quilt as you go Mosaic quilt above.

Some of our ladies made placemats as they seemed to end up the perfect size.  Others made quilts.  Here are some below.  
Kay's Mosaic blocks

Dee's Mosaic quilt with a nautical theme in each block
Patsy made a gorgeous coloured border to go around her Mosaic quilt

Kathy's finished Mosaic quilt
  Such a colourful project and perfect for using up your scraps.  What would Pamela come up with next?..... stay tuned.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

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