Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Importance of Value

Colour value is so important when it comes to arranging your fabrics/blocks to make a quilt.  Value is the first thing your eye sees when it looks at a variety of colours.  We have made the quilt Splash by Jaybird Quilts using the Hex N More ruler.

Below we have taken an original photo first.  Then converted it to black and white.  You can now see the value of the fabrics (lights, mediums and darks).  You will be looking for an even distribution so your eye does not always keep travelling to the one area.

The last image has been taken using the value finder below.  This also takes the colour out of the fabric so you are only seeing the value of the fabrics.  Value finders are one way of viewing your fabrics value, you can also try a peep hole, reflections, binoculars (wrong way) or squinting.

So avoid murky and uneven looking quilts but finding the value in your fabrics.

Happy Stitching! Kimz Team x

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